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What are different kitchen platform shapes?

Kitchen shapes decide the efficiency of working areas that is arranged by the designer. There are several shapes in which kitchen work area can be made to match the comfort of the individual. You can choose simple one wall assembly, L-shape, C-shape, Island & corridor type platform according to suitability of space.

What are different available choices for material of kitchen counter top?

To make the kitchen look more dynamic and inviting, you can use different material or finishes for cabinets and platform. Wood, stone and steel are popular material choices for a kitchen counter top. Granite is most popular material but now there are other good options available like corian counter top, are made of acrylic they are highly resistant to stains and scratches and burns.

What is modular kitchen concept?

Usually a modular kitchen consists of cabinets, sink, work platforms, kitchen appliances, chimney, and shelves, pull out cabinets arranged in a way that it carries the look of your kitchen to a new height.

A modular kitchen makes cooking much easier and functional than the traditional kitchen. Modular kitchen is easy to clean and everything is at an easy reach of the user. This increases the accessibility of the things and reduces the waste of time and energy needed to a very large scale.

Which things should be consider during designing small kitchen?

In case of small kitchen storage really matters, installing deeper platforms that can accommodate more things will help and would also increase working place for the user. You can Create illusion of bigger space with under cabinet lighting options is advisable .Keeping big windows will also help to appear space larger and will allow more natural light to come in. Your kitchen will appear longer with flooring pattern such as diagonal flooring pattern.

What things are important while designing lighting for kitchen?

Natural lighting should be given an importance while designing make a provision to get maximum natural light into the kitchen. It just means keeping windows uncluttered so that daylight can find its way into without difficulty. You should provide good task lighting. You’ll need it over the gas burner and over the food preparation areas so that you can easily complete your task. That means having light beneath wall storage units and above gas is must. A row of spotlights will help you to avoid dark spaces. Plan your storage units with lighting options so that you can see into drawers and cupboards too. You can fix rope lighting beneath the wall units at skirting level as indirect light sources below storage cupboards.

How can light create good atmosphere in dining area?

In the dining area you can use pendant lighting, chandeliers or a decorative hanging lights or track lighting over the dining table. Ensure that these lights are dimmable, so that you can adjust it to create a good atmosphere for dining in the evening. Choose an eye-catching pendant lights as these create a center of attraction even when switched off.

What are different kitchen cabinet materials available?

Kitchen cabinets are significant investment of your resources so it is important to make sure that you purchase a highly durable product. The challenge is to select a material that looks good today and a cabinet that will look good in future. Options available in cabinet material are Wood cabinets, wood veneers, laminates melamine, PVC, glass, lacquered, stainless steel. To save money on wood door cabinets, you can use laminate instead of matching wood veneer on the sides of the cabinet box. This material does not wear as well or age the same as the wood but can come in your budget. You can take suggestion from designer for details.

Why kitchen planning is an important issue?

In kitchen not only you need cooking range but also services like hot and cold running water, garbage disposals, instant hot water, dish washers, refrigerators, and sometimes even a water treatment system. In fact, if you really do not think on it, you probably have more pipes running in and out of this one room than the rest of your home combined. This is where a kitchen plumber comes in the picture. If you have a problem or if you want to add something new, it's a good idea to appoint a professional because unless you know exactly what you are doing, chances are more that you could connect something wrong. So plumbing & sanitation with storage & cooking range is very important to be considered in early stages while planning a kitchen.

How one can achieve good kitchen ventilation?

Every time you cook something it releases natural pollutants into the air, such as smoke, grease, moisture and byproducts of cooking gas. Without proper ventilation, these pollutants will remain suspended in the air and become trapped on kitchen surfaces and absorbed onto furniture, flooring, ceiling and curtains. These pollutants can create respiratory problems for sensitive individuals with allergies or asthma and make trouble for you to clean linens, ceiling, flooring and upholstery frequently.

A number of ventilation options are available depending on your budget and the layout of your kitchen. Kitchen range chimneys are the most commonly used ventilation system especially those that are designed to fit under a storage cabinet. Another option is fitting an exhaust fan but is not efficient as chimneys.

How can one make kitchen ceiling more interesting?

Kitchen ceilings can be decorated nicely but we often ignore that area. Consider your kitchen ceiling when designing your space, because it can enhance the beauty of your kitchen & create balance between furniture and wall color.

You can paint your ceiling in a color that differs from the wall. Fix recessed lighting which will illuminate area beautifully.Fluorescent lighting is brighter than standard bulb light, with less energy. You can place recessed lighting over task areas it create a warm, bright and pleasant light effect for the whole space.

Ceiling design option-

Decorative ceiling tiles come in a wide range of materials, including plastic, glass, metal panels. Plastic ceiling is a good choice for kitchens, because it is easy to. They are available with different styles, finishes and colors. You can also go for dropped ceiling. You can also go for a drop ceiling in part of your kitchen where you want to create a defined dining area. A tray ceiling can be used for a variety of lighting & color options with track, rope and recessed lights. You can also hang a attractive pendant light from the center panel to make your kitchen eye-catching.