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How children’s bedroom designing differ from other bedroom in a house?

Designing child’s room is quite difficult and different from that of adult. The biggest differences are with color selection, furniture design and placement and with functionality of the room. Kid’s room is used for multiple tasks by children like for doing homework, entertaining friends, and playing games. It is a Childs personal place so it is necessary to design it with special care to make it worthy and special.

It is necessary to choose design that suits your Childs personality that can be done by getting ideas from their favorite shows, toys and clothes.A tray ceiling can be used for a variety of lighting & color options with track, rope and recessed lights. You can also hang a attractive pendant light from the center panel to make your kitchen eye-catching.

How can we make children bedroom more attractive using color?

Kid’s bedroom is a right place for experimenting color. Children love bright, bold and patterned colored rooms. It reflects dynamism of their nature. going with only bold color can create problem, though you can use a combination of bold and light color to create room where your child can feel relax and alive with a sound sleep at night. Pink is one of the most common colors that people think of when designing a girl’s room, pure red will be quite bright but you can match some dark shades of bed coverings or curtains with light colored walls.

Softer colors are best for babies to get a sound sleep .you can choose dark shade furniture on soothing light color walls. Orange is another favorite color of kids. It is a color that is equally loved by girls and boys. One can use combination of orange with gray and black that will keeps orange from being too bold.

Yellow is a color that comes with different shades so you can have soft or bold feel depending on your Childs personality. Bold yellow can be cross match with bit blue or neutral color for rest of the room.

Putting different complimentary color together with furniture pieces and wall is a good idea for making your room exclusive and pleasant.

Which things should be taken care of while designing children bedroom?

Mostly furniture should not have sharp edges to avoid harm to children. Wardrobe and other furniture items should be easily accessible with low height to children. Providing maximum open space is advisable so that children’s can utilize that space for playing. Children also need maximum storage place for their cloths, books and toys proper storage spaces should be provided separately for each item for child convenience.

How flooring selection plays important role in children bedroom?

Flooring for kid’s room must be antislippery, comfortable, easy to clean and anti allergic. You can make combination of flooring.Parents seem to be worried about the safety of their kids. So they always want to Choose a Floor than can Decrease accidents and increase safety. The Kids floor surface must have wear and tear properties for its rough use. You can use carpets and wooden flooring also.

What are ceiling decorating options available for children bedroom?

Ceiling of children bedroom may be the only unobstructed wall in a room so you can use that very effectively to add a value to the room decoration by using following options-

Ceiling murals- you can paint any of child favorite themes on bedroom ceiling.

Ceiling lights-ceiling rope light with different shades can create a different atmosphere. Hanging pendant light is another good option to decorate ceiling.

Dropped ceiling- dropped ceiling with regular or irregular shape with light effect will enhance glow of room.

Wallpapers-You can also paste colorful wall paper on the ceiling as per childs interest.

Glowing art-You can paints ceiling with dark color and paint stars and planets on the ceiling which will glow and creates brilliant night scene, when the lights are off. This is one of the favorite ceiling design ideas for kids’ room design.

Color- You can just go for painting ceiling with Childs favorite color.