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How can I make this part of house more beautiful?

The bathroom was originally designed to be purely functional in use, but now it's a place for joy and luxury. Examine the atmosphere of your bathroom to make it more attractive, functional and luxurious.

Adding a shower cubical will not only look glamorous but also makes the room appears larger.

You can hang an antique mirror above the sink. Mirror will create an illusion of larger space. Match all hardware your bathroom, if you use a storage cabinet, match the hardware there as well.

Add good light fixtures. A bright bathroom looks more luxurious than a dim one, and light open up space. Proper Selection of a color and tiles is also takes great importance in adding luxury to the place.

Should the toilet be placed in a separate room?

It totally depends on a personal choice. For a common bathroom it is advisable to provide separate toilet room. In a bathroom attached to a bedroom you can place bath and toilet space together.

In the '80s and '90s, separate toilet and bathroom have become a standard in new house design. Many bathroom designs place the toilet into a corner or separate space, generally out of sight from the bathroom entrance. If space is a issue, a half wall or glass partition can give the feel of more privacy without separating these two spaces.

How to design a small bathroom?

First of all decide your choices that what you want in a bathroom like shower space or a bath tub, wash basin, storages, toilet.

If there are multiple bathrooms in your home, then you can design bathrooms based on its utility. Simply changing a hinged door to a sliding door can convert a small space into big room. You can install small wash basin having under counter storage to accommodate things and also will look decorative.

In a small bathroom you either have a combination of bathtub with a shower inside or you have only shower you can add shower curtain to define spaces. Use clear and lighter color shower curtain. Dark colors will make room to feel smaller. Make a provision of more natural light into bathrooms for making environment warm and inviting.

How to provide storage in small bathroom?

A closed storage cabinet and drawers under the sink is practical or you can add overhead storage at one corner. You can add towel racks, soap holder, hooks behind door.

What are different bathroom flooring ideas?

Bathroom interior will remain incomplete without the bathroom tiles. The bathroom tiles are very necessary and useful in bathroom designing. They help keeping bathroom clean with the stylish look.

Ceramic tile is advisable because it's easy to clean and water resistant .You can also use natural stone in as a bathroom floor.

Wood flooring gives bathrooms a cottage feels.

Glass tile adds luxury to the floor space.

You can use combination of ceramic tiles, cement flooring with pebbles.

How to decorate bathroom ceiling?

Painting a bathroom ceiling with a mural or a particular seen from nature will bring a nature in your bathroom. You can apply tiles on a bathroom ceiling also means you will never face a problem of peeling or cracked paint. A tile ceiling gives a spa like effect. You can make pattern of tile with combination of different tiles design.

If you want to install false ceiling with lighting in a bathroom then it is necessary that you choose moisture resistant material like glass ceiling. Fiberglass false ceiling tiles are better options to use with light effect.

What are different Bathroom lighting options?

Most of us start day in bathroom. Whether you’re taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or setting your hair, for all this work quality bathroom lighting is essential. Bathroom lighting not only helps you to see what you’re doing, but the right kind of lighting can make much difference when you’re starting your day with a properly illuminated space. Lighting each and every corner is very much important. Ceiling lighting is very popular in large bathrooms. Flush mount lights are installed centrally and designed to add light to the entire bathroom rather than specific areas. Creative use of lighting with mirrors can make the room more beautiful and spacious.