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Residential Interior Designer

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Children Bedroom Interior Designer in Pune

Designing a home is a task difficult enough, but it becomes all the more difficult when you have kids around. The modern trend is to create children bedrooms that are as special and as attractive as any other space in the house; if not even more!

We all know that children require an optimistic environment, with colors and furniture that will help them grow in a safe and inspiring way. Vibrant colors can be combined with softer hues for an equilibrated design that will bring joy and enthusiasm to your children.

There are number of themes from which you can choose considering your child interest. We will help you with our designs having proper space planning so that your child will get more open space to play.

Living Room Interior Designer Pune

Living Room is like a heart of our house so designing it requires special attention. Generally Guest or Peoples Visiting our House first enters our living spends some time there and then leave so arrangement of living room is like a mirror of all lifestyle.

Special Care should be taken while designing living room because it should look spacious, comfortable as well as it should be unique in design. Generally Keeping less furniture in living is preferable, you can go with particular theme with nice light effect with false ceiling and wall art like texture paint and may be a beautiful wallpaper which will be a center of attraction of your living.

Seating is a Main Factor in Living here possibilities are endless in designing just you have to decide your choices regarding formal or informal type of seating you can go with the combination of both as your area of living. Next Comes your Tv unit here again you can keep it Simple or you can go with Tv unit with small storage to accomodate things like newspapers, Books, Cd's, or May be Other day Today's Small Small things. Next Comes Center Table and Other Decorative things Like Carpets, Frames, Curtains, Floor lamps, Chandeliers, Decorative, Plant Stands Etc.

Master Bedroom Interior Designer in Pune

Are you tired of your dull bedroom or have you had the same style for years and want to give your Bedroom a brand new look ? Need not to worry we are here ready with some effective ways to give your bedroom a new look without spending too much money or even using what you already have. we will help you to design your bedroom with number of options considering your taste.

you can go with Particular theme possibilities are endless like nature, sports, etc. we will suggest you color scheme selecting proper color is most important part, make sure it is not so bright that it gives you a headache or so dark it makes your room gloomy.

We will Decorate with consistency, you may have a great items or pieces, but if they're misplaced or mismatched, it will make your room disorganized and messy. Sticking with some kind of theme throughout the decorating process is necessary.

We will make your bedroom a beautiful place with proper illumination using different lighting options. A nice piece of furniture may work as a center of attraction of your room. Artwork, Nice Wallpaper, Texture Paint, Photos, will be great addition to your blank walls. if your bedroom is Small, Dont worry our Design will accommodate your entire things with beauty and provide you a most comfortable space.

Bathroom and Toilet Designer in Pune

The bathroom was originally designed to be purely functional, but now it's a place for joy and luxury so proper designing of this place is necessary. Bathroom is quite difficult space to design, because most of us have small bathroom space and we wish it should accommodate all necessary things in it. Firstly you have to decide what different things you want in your bathroom like WC, wash basin, bath tub, shower space and accessories like soap trays, bathroom shelves, towel rails, toilet-paper holders, hooks and toothbrush holder proper selection of these items can turn your bathroom into a unique piece of art.

If there are multiple bathrooms in your home, you can keep more open space by proper planning with the available no of bathrooms. Simply changing a hinged door to a sliding door can convert a small space into a much open room. You can install small wash basin having under counter storage cabinets and drawers to accommodate things like towels, napkins and other necessary things. In a small bathroom you either have a combination of bathtub with a shower inside or you have only shower, you can add glass door in place ofshower curtain. Glass always creates an illusion of bigger space. Generally use clear and lighter color shower curtain

Dark colors will make room to feel smaller. Make a provision of more natural light into bathrooms because it is warm and inviting with some touch of nature.