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What could be different options for seating?

Either you can go for formal sitting like sofa seating or you can go with low height sitting in living room as per your interest. If your living room is quite big you can go for combination of both. There are many options available in design as well in material for both of the sitting.

I want complete modernized look for living room how could it be achieved?

The modern style is known for its superior work, spacious look, luxury and for maximum natural light. It might seem like decorating with simple& less furniture, but it can be more difficult. When you are decorating a living room with a modern look, it should be neat & clean with big open space.

How to make choice of a sofa?

To choose the best living room sofa, you will need to determine the size and type of sofa you want, as well as how much money you want to spend. You will also need to make material choices, you can choose either leather or fabric sofa. You have to choose simpler fabric may be much less expensive but more durable for a house having pets and kids in it. Choosing the best living room sofa is often a matter of personal choice and how you want your living room to look like. When choosing a living room sofa, you have to decide its functional requirement like you want it for only sitting purpose or sleeping with a pull-out bed if you are having a small house. When you are choosing the color or pattern of the living room sofa be careful whether it matches the rest of the room.

What I can do with lighting to create pleasant atmosphere?

Lighting not only illuminates your living room but enhances the beauty of your interior also. While doing lighting arrangement in your living room, first decide the parts, you want to highlight. You can try different effects of lighting in living room to make it more attractive .There are many options like Recessed Lighting ,Track Lighting, Floor Lamps and Table Lamps, Wall washers, Dimmers. You can use spotlights to highlight particular painting. In ceiling you can use rope lights which are available with number of colors and acts as an indirect light. Beside this you should take care that there should be maximum utilization of natural light.

Is it necessary to provide false ceiling to living room?

Living room ceiling can change the look of your home. Beautiful ceiling designs with lighting and color can be the point of attraction of your living room. There are many options for false ceiling like POP, wood plank, Gypsum boards, metal ceilings, or you can decorate your ceiling with wallpaper also.

What color should I paint my living room?

For creation of a perfect living room, there are several factors that need to be given consideration. And one of the most important factors among them is the color scheme of the walls. The colors chosen for the living room should be warm, inviting and complementary to furniture pieces. However, you can get a lot of options for colors. Selecting neutral colors like off-white and cream will allow you to decorate the room with bright furnishings and decorative pieces. If you wish to make the room sunny and bright then you could select for yellow or lemon yellow color also or you can go with contrast color scheme for furniture and wall. You can paint one wall with bright color or you can apply beautiful wallpaper on a wall.

How to do interior of small living room?

Choosing furniture with simple patterns and choosing a lighter color scheme will give an illusion of a bigger space, you can also use mirrors effectively. Arranging the furniture to the room size is very necessary; selecting furniture with legs will allow the space to be more open, Choosing multifunctional furniture will save floor space. Selection of light color also affect the area of room, and allowing more natural light to come is more advisable.

How can I make living room a perfect entertaining & relaxing space?

A living room interior serves to be a perfect TV lounge. Most of the time living room is utilized for recreation and gossiping point of the family. If you want a formal sitting you can add up a sofa, leather sofa adds luxurious feel to your living room. Sofa set needs to be special and sophisticated as it is the center of attraction. Seeing the colors, you will find a variety of different shades in sofa sets like black, brown and other dark color shades of colors, you can choose as per your interest.

I want my living room leave an impression on my guest how can I achieve that?

The living room is like a heart of your home and living room interior makes an everlasting impression on your guests and neighbors as well. Today, it becomes quite simple to give proper modernized look to your living room with variety of design options and material choices which are specially meant to provide your living room a perfect modernized look.

How one can create living room as a multipurpose space?

Living room is one such room that serves the purpose of the main room in a particular house. It is one such place which can be utilized for entertaining guests, gossiping, to relax at night, read a book, listen to music and much more. Living room Interiors play a prime role for making this place a multipurpose space with luxury all it depends on your selection of furniture designs and proper space management with it.

What are different style of designing living room?

Most of the people spend a lot of time in their living room. A living room is not just a space for relaxation but that welcomes guests and visitors rather it is a point of attraction the entire house there are many decorating styles that you can choose from and most popular are traditional, contemporary and transitional.