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Do you provide interior design services in commercial sector?

Yes, we do provide interior services for commercial sector. We provide 2D and 3D designing for commercial interior, so that you come to know how your place is going to look even before actual start of the work. 3D work will enable you to understand color schemes and circulation space at site which is very helpful in finalizing design. Our team always gives special attention to space utilization and budgetary constraints. With our innovative and constructive designs, we are able to provide our customers with perfect balance between the functionality and aesthetics.

With the latest tools like 3d designing we offer highly flexible interior designing for commercial and industrial sector, considering your budget constrain.

Which commercial sector you cover for interior designing?

We do interior design and decoration work for the following zones-

Retail: includes malls and shopping centers, department stores, specialty stores, and showrooms.

Corporate: office design for any kind of business

Healthcare: the design of hospitals, medical offices, dentist offices, psychiatric facilities, laboratories, medical specialist facilities.

Hospitality and Recreation: includes hotels, resorts, cafes, bars, restaurants, health clubs and spas, etc.

Institutional: government offices, financial institutions (banks), schools and universities etc.

How to choose color scheme for office?

Choosing a color scheme is an important task in an office interior because it directly affects mood of the employees and indirectly efficiency of peoples working there.

Bright colors like reds oranges and yellows do not usually work well in an office. Generally soft colors are popular choices for wall color to commercial buildings because they are softer and contrast well with the dark furniture styles favored by many offices.

How commercial lighting is different than residential lighting?

Lighting is the next element that goes hand in hand with color scheme in all parts of interior design but lighting can be much important in commercial or office interior. It can be difficult to design a proper lighting system which provides sufficient illumination to help productive work environment without taking away impact of color scheme. Some offices choose overhead lighting instead for lamps placed on individual desks and soft wall lighting to provide calm illumination. Some commercial spaces require only overhead lighting and in these cases it is important to find light fixtures that will provide sufficient illumination without being too bright or glaring.

How one should plan Furniture for commercial space?

Furniture is the key element in commercial interior design because it directly related to efficiency of workers. Many businesses choose dark furniture because it contrasts well with the light color walls and because it looks more professional than the lighter furniture. There are a variety of furniture styles to choose from and most of the choice depends upon the need of the space and client choice. If all factors are properly managed, interior design can change the look and feel of a business.