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We should know few Important Points at the time of Creating a Furniture. It will save a Our Maintenance Cost in Future. Small thing can turn into big issues may be in 6 months or 1 year.

Please note the final some basic Points to be Consider

1) While creating Furniture attached to walls please always use Pvc sheets at back of Furniture. It will prevent Plywoods life from if any Water leakages in Walls in future and it will not have the fungus in future.

2) Sun light is the Most Important Part to have Best Furniture Life. so always try to keep your Doors and Windows Open in Daytime to more sunlight can come in room. If you not having more sunlight in the room then use more warm light or yellow lights.

3) If you making New Furniture Always use minimum 1mm Laminate from Inside and Outside to increase the life of the plywood. Also it would help to Clean the Inside and Outside Surface. It's always Prevent Plywood from External Atmosphere Effect.

4) All doors and drawers should have BTC wood patti at all 4 Sides on the Plywood to save from Water, Atmosphere Effect and termites. While taking it from local market please make sure its quality as many duplicates are there.

5) Always make door inside edges polished or paint than the using laminate and you can use external edges laminated if you want. because of the atmosphere effect sometimes door give trouble to lock or open, Its get tighten in rainy season. so you can do maintenance in the future if you faced any issue.

6) Always use 18mm Plywood for All Doors in Furniture (Expect from Room or Main Doors)Till 3 Feet to 4 Feet. if you have bigger door till 8 feet then use 25mm Plywood in furniture. Don't use 12mm Plywood.

7) Always use 3 Inch Hinges to Furniture doors than the 2 Inches. if you have a small door then you can use the smaller hinges if you want.

8) Always use Door Magnets for doors to Prevent it getting Bend in the Future.

9) Dont use MDF of Partical Boards for Furniture in Residential Use if you want a Longer Life.

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