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Find Information About Colours for Interior Design and Renovation

In Interior Designing " Colors" is Having the Biggest importance, because with the Help of Colors we can change entire Look of the Property. if you having the Right Colors for your Property your Simple Interior work will look Attractive and if you have the wrong color Combination then your Attractive Interior work would Look simple. if you have succeeded in Perfect color Combination for your Property you have succeeded 50% in your Property Interior Design.

To have a Success in color Combination you should understand Its Basic with Color wheels Properly.

There are 3 Main types in Colors. Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Tertiary Colors.

Primary Color

Red, Yellow, Blue

Secondary Colors

Red (Primary Color) + Yellow (Primary Color) = Orange

Yellow (Primary Color) + Blue (Primary Color) = Green

Red (Primary Color)+ Blue (Primary Color) = Purple

Tertiary Colors

Yellow (Primary Color) + Orange (Secondary Color) = Yellowish Orange

Blue (Primary Color) + Green (Secondary Color) = Bluish Green

Red (Primary Color) + Orange (Secondary Color) = Reddish Orange

Colors always have a Good and Bad Impact on us or on our Life. with the Different Colors our Mood Get Changed you must be Experienced it. Generally Red, Yellow, Orange these are Warm Colors as Its a represent a Sun and Fire. Green and Blue are the Cool Colors. as Its Represent the Greenery, Plants, Trees, Sky, Sea. We have to use These Warm and Cool Colors with a Perfect Balance so it can help us to Live a Good Life.

Color Wheel and Color Combination

Tint Colors - when we Put or Mix water or White color in any color then its Tint of that color.

Example - Red + White = Pink

Shade Colors - When we Put or Mix Black Color in Any Color then Its Shade of that Color.

Example - Red + Black = Maroon.

These Tints and shade cards you can ask it for Any Interior Designer While choosing the colors. or you can download the Mobile App of Any Color Company. you Can also get this on Internet very Easily.

Color Combinations Types Depend on the Color wheels.


In this Method we use only One Colors Shades and Tints. for Example if we having Red as a Primary color then we can Use Pink, Maroon Together,


In a color wheel Exact Opposite Colors we use for these Combinations. for Example Red and Green are Exact Opposites Color in Color wheel

Split Complementary

In this Color Combination we use Exact 3 Color opposite of our Primary Color. for Example Green Colors Opposite Color is Red and its Near by colors are Reddish Purple and Orange. So we will use Green, Reddish Purple and Orange Color Combination.


In Color Wheel Which Colors Make Triangle these Colors Should use. Example Green, Orange, Purple make Triangle.


Black and White Don't Considered under these Color Combination. But With the Mixture of Black and white Colors we called Achromatic Combination.

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