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While doing Interior Design of your Project you should consider following points.

1) Before Creating Furniture or Before Purchasing the Furniture we should first Check Exact Measurements and evaluate the Size will match the Exact Space available or not in Length x width x height, Can it will be Transported again or Shifted to Another Location(if any Requirement in future),It will not damaged or Fix Properly while Fixing?etc

2) All Doors, Drawers and Locks of Furniture are properly lockable and openable ? Any Noise is Coming while Opening or closing Doors, Drawers Hardware.

3) Please Take all the Keys of Locks in Furniture or Doors in your Possession from Labors at the Early time after Checking as it will prevent any duplication of keys and to prevent from any loss.

4) After Having Furniture Please make sure you Cover All the Furniture with News paper and abro tape before starting the Painting.

5) After Painting Please Check Labor has Properly cleaned all the Paint Drops on Floor or from the Furniture Items.

6) Please check all the Corners of the Furniture before carpenter leaves the site if any sharp corner or hurtable corner then make it smooth before the final touchup.

7) Before starts Painting make sure you have finished with all electrical and Furniture work on Walls. Make sure you remove all unwanted items from wall before painting.

8) Before Pop-False Ceiling, Tiling, Flooring, Painting, Wallpaper make sure all the Electrical Wiring work is done for Lighting Arrangements

9) Before Fixing the Grills or Before Fixing the New Windows for Kitchen or Bathrooms you should select and buy exhaust fans first to match the Exact Sizes.

10) Please check all the Needed Electrical Points, Power point, Plug Point, Switches has been taken as per requirements.

11) have you properly calculated the Respective points on invertor.

12) Make sure all Telephone points, Internet Points, Intercom Points, Video Phone Points have be taken on Proper location.

13) have you installed separate main switches for each room ?

14) Have you Installed Stabilizers or Home Protection Device for all the Electronic Gadgets.

15) check the load of the Meter and total Load of the Lighting Units you have. make sure you have Proper Earthing for Electricity to Avoid Short circuit.

16) While Civil Changes make sure Plumbing work is Properly done and there is no small leakage in Plumbing.

17) at Plumbing work make sure Water Pressure is Proper, Assured all the Outlets Proper Working and there is no Blockage. also Check the Slope properly towards Outlets.

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